Storage trolley

Storage trolleys with open frames

The storage trolleys with open frames are the basic version of these models. They are mainly used in combination with existing Euro boxes.The models also differ in the versions with fixed or inclinable shelves.

Storage trolleys with wooden shelves

The side trolleys with wooden shelves in the metal frames can be used flexibly. The shelves can be used not only for plastic boxes but also for cardboard boxes or smaller materials. The trolleys can be ideally positioned at the desired workplace.

Storage trolleys with plastic crates

The side trolleys with Euro boxes are ideal for use with assembly materials or small parts. Well positioned at the right workplace or flexible to take from place to place. So you always have the material at hand. With the tiltable models, access to the boxes is easier and the material always slides forward. This is also an advantage, for example, when working in a seated position.