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Drum handling with drum tipper or drum transport trolley

What is a drum tipper?

Drum tippers are suitable for storing and emptying 200-litre steel drums. Sturdy tubular steel construction, bolted and powder-coated. The barrel can be picked up via skids and secured with a tensioning strap. By means of a lever bar, the drum tipper can then be brought into an upright or horizontal position together with the drum.

Drum tipper versions

Drum tippers are available in three versions. The simple drum tipper without a lever bar and rollers for twisting. The other versions have rollers to make it easier to turn the barrels or 500 mm long steel rollers, which are particularly suitable for thin-walled barrels. The standard tyres are polyamide wheels, as these are largely resistant to moisture, salt, acids and alkalis.

Drum Transport Trolley

The fetra drum transport trolleys are welded from steel and have a 100 mm high tub. This is oil-tight to absorb leaking or dripping liquids. The loading area has a flush-fitting hot-dip galvanised grating with a mesh size of 31 x 31 mm. The drum trolleys are suitable for transporting 1 or 2 200-litre drums.