fetra Euro Box Rollers and Euro Box Carts

From simple rollers, similar to roller boards, to large carts reminiscent of shelved trolleys, you will find everything you need for transporting boxes in Euro standard dimensions. Thus, carrying individual plastic boxes is almost a thing of the past. There is a large variety of transport aids to be discovered here.

Open Euro box rollers

Our smallest variants of rollers for boxes are also the most flexible. Quickly taken out of the vehicle and loaded, Euro crate dollies with an open frame not only save time but also energy, as they are lightweight. It is even easier and more ergonomic if you opt for the version with push handle. This means that even a single box can be pushed in a gentle working posture.

Euro box rollers with wooden platform

With a wooden board, the Euro box dolly is more robust but also more flexible. This prevents the Euro crates from bending under heavy loads. In addition, the model with a rim makes it possible to transport smaller plastic crates, as these can still be placed on top. The model with a flush loading surface, on the other hand, also allows larger crates to be transported because they can protrude. As the trolleys with wooden shelves are also available with push handles, these advantages can also be used comfortably and ergonomically.

Euro box rollers with sheet metal floor

For example, for oily boxes or soaked cartons, the crate trolley with a sealed tray made of sheet steel is particularly suitable. This prevents a trail of drops from contaminating the floor during transport or the crates from breaking through and material being lost. At the same time, the roller is insensitive to any leaking contents due to the sheet metal platform.

Euro box rollers with two shelves

Shelf rollers with wooden shelves offer the same advantages as Euro box rollers. Here too, the wooden platform prevents the Euro boxes from bending under heavier weights. The model with rim enables the transport of smaller crates, which can be placed on the platform. The flush loading surface also makes it possible to transport larger plastic crates. The second tier allows you to transport Euro crates that cannot be stacked because their contents do not quite fit into the box. The versions with push handle offer a safe grip and make moving easier. The Euro box roller with open shelves, saves weight without wood and is therefore easier to move.

Euro box carts with open frame

Euro box trolleys are not only suitable for transporting several separated boxes in Euronorm dimensions. These specialised carts with three or five shelves can be regarded as mobile shelving for small parts. By loading the individually filled crates, they can be moved collectively to the workplace. There, the sloping shelves provide a good overview of the individual parts on the trolley. The all-round frame ensures that the boxes stay in position and do not fall down. Euro box carts with an open frame are also lightweight and can be fitted with existing boxes.

Euro box carts with wooden shelves

The wooden shelves in the trolleys not only offer space for plastic crates in the right dimensions for the EU standard. Since these cannot fall through, crates in other sizes are also possible. The material is not decisive either. Wire mesh boxes, metal boxes or cardboard boxes can also be stored on the platform. If necessary, all the individual parts can then be moved at the same time and still remain within easy reach.

Euro box carts with boxes

For new procurement including plastic crates in the dimensions of the Euro standard, you can obtain variants already fitted with boxes. Euro box carts with open frames are already fitted with boxes in the right size and number. This way you know that when you receive the trolley you will also have matching Euro boxes to use with the trolley.