Plate trolley - Glass trolley - Plate stand

Plate Trolleys with Tubular U-bolts

In the fetra programme you will find plate trolleys with fixed tube brackets and with insertable tube brackets. The plate trolleys with insertable brackets offer 7 adjustment possibilities and can be easily repositioned without tools. This allows quick flexibility for the respective application. There are 3 standard heights for the brackets available -> 300 mm, 600 mm or 900 mm.

Plate stands with tubular brackets

The plate stands are identical in construction to the plate trolleys. Instead of castors, however, they are equipped with fixed rubber feet. In addition, a six-part run-up roller is attached to one end. This makes it easier to pull the panels onto the panel stand.
If desired, pallet feet can also be ordered as accessories. These give you an underclearance of 100 mm, which makes it possible to use a forklift or pallet truck.

Glass Trolley

The fetra Glass Trolleys are available with a one-sided or two-sided system. For the safe transport of glass panes but also wooden and plastic panels up to complete windows and doors, the units are equipped with a profile rubber. The elastic solid rubber tyres also ensure good running and damping properties.