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fetra pallet dollies

The pallet dollies from fetra have proven themselves as an inhouse transport solution, primarily in industry,for many years. For the movement of goods on flat and Euro pallets, lattice boxes and stacking containers, they have a load capacity of at least 500 kg to a maximum of 1200 kg, depending on the type of tyres that are tailored to the specific requirements.

Special tyres for every requirement
Fetra recommends comfortable solid rubber tyres on slightly uneven floors. This has a very long service life and is suitable for demanding driving surfaces with, for example, edges or sleepers. Pallet dollies with solid rubber tires are ideal for high load capacities but have low noise. Fetra offers further wheel equipment with polyamide wheels that are designed for medium up to high load capacities and are resistant to moisture, salt, acids and alkalis. Pallet chassis with these tyres are particularly suitable for even floors. The high-quality manufactured pallet chassis from fetra consist of a robust, powder-coated welded angle steel construction with four catch corners and are the perfect partner for professional use.

Light angle steel frame construction
As an entry-level model, fetra has the light pallet dollies in two loading area versions in its range. They are geared towards in-house areas such as in manufacturing or in warehouses to simplify the transport of goods on pallets and wire mesh boxes. Compared to the conventional pallet chassis, the two models are based on a lighter flat steel frame construction without catch corners and are suitable for a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. The missing catch corners are compensated by the 20 mm lowered support profiles, which ensure that the pallets are securely in the frame. The light pallet chassis represent an affordable entry into the existing range and are available with TPE tires in the loading area dimensions 810 x 610 mm or 1200 x 810 mm.

Both the pallet dollies already successfully sold by fetra and the light entry-level models can be equipped with the special fetra central braking system TOTALSTOP. Dangerous situations are minimized because the user blocks the wheel rotation and swiveling movement of both swivel castors with just one step.

Useful accessories
In addition to its standard pallet dollies, fetra offers useful accessories, such as a shaft and tow hitch, to make transport with towing vehicles easier. The ergonomics of the pallet dollies are supported by an insertable tubular push handle, with which the transport equipment can be pushed without damaging the back. To support a healthy posture while standing, the attachment frames, which fetra has in three different heights, are suitable and allow flat pallets and wire boxes to be placed at an ergonomically favorable height.