ESD transport equipment

The abbreviation ESD means: Electrostatic Discharge.
Here you will find many useful transport devices in ESD design. These are electrically conductive and thus protect sensitive components against damage caused by electrical discharge. All transport trolleys are powder-coated in RAL 7015 slate grey to be conductive. The shelves are made of electrically conductive derived timber material board to DIN 68765 in light grey.
Our ESD TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) castors also contribute to optimum conductivity. These are an own fetra development. Thanks to the hubs with precision deep-groove ball bearings, the castors offer many advantages on even floors and are characterised by low rolling resistance. They are odourless and non-marking. The swivel castors are fitted with brakes in accordance with EN 1757-3 (safety of platform trucks).

Electronic components are being used in more and more products as a result of increasing digitalisation. Self-propelled hoovers, the on-board electronics in cars or automated production plants are equipped with sensitive technology. Manufacturers have a special duty of care here: they must take measures to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) of sensitive components throughout the entire production chain. We have developed customised solutions for this and have expanded our product range of ESD trolleys to include numerous models.

If two differently charged objects touch, electrostatic discharge occurs, which can impair the functionality of sensitive components. Whether circuits, resistors etc. have been damaged by the effects of electrostatic discharge is often only determined after they have been installed in the product. For the manufacturing company, this can mean not only financial losses but also a strain on the customer relationship. This can be avoided with the ESD trolleys from fetra. Both the powder-coated tubular steel construction and the shelves as well as the fetra TPE ESD castor are electrically conductive. The transport equipment thus ensures that potential electrical charges are discharged and that voltage breakdown does not occur in the first place. So far, the ESD range has included push bar, table and shelf trolleys, designed for different loads and available in several sizes. To cover even more areas of application, we have expanded our ESD range to include Euro box dollies, side trolleys and Euro box trolleys in various designs.