Trolleys and general transport carts

Transport carts are used almost everywhere. From craftsmen, on construction sites to industrial companies. Wherever materials or goods have to be moved within a plant the transport solutions by fetra help. From a simple shelf trolley that is used like a shelf on wheels to a special trolley for special purposes.
Since there are different transport situations in every company, there are of course a variety of transport trolleys as a solution. Should it be for narrow passageways where is no space for industrial trucks or tugger train solutions for efficient intralogistic.
Trolleys that are used a lot for universal transport are table top carts with 2 or 3 levels and open carts. Both carts are available as light and heavy versions with different load capacities and platform materials especially for your intendend use.
Special trolleys are e.g. tyre trolleys for car workshops, office trolleys for employment exchanges or rolling desks as a movable writing desk for picking.