fetra Rolling desks

The desks are characterized by their multifunctionality. Individually adjustable shelves for the transport of e.g. files, are combined with a mobile writing desk. With this construction, we have developed an intelligent and universal transport solution that is versatile useable.

The rolling desks 5834 and 5836 can be used multifunctionally: in the office as a mobile workstation, in the workshop as a rollable storage system with a practical desk pad or for in-house transport, where they can be used to transport, store and lock away goods or aids quickly and easily.

The rolling desk 5834 has two shelves, the upper one can be screwed in so that even two rows of files can be set one above the other. Large castors enable the easy and comfortable transport of loads weighing up to 100 kilograms in total, even over edges and sleepers. Two of the swivel castors are equipped with brakes so that loads can only move if it is wanted. The rolling desk 5836 also has a lockable steel locker in light gray, behind its hinged door two individually adjustable shelves offer space for products and documents.