Trolley with carrier spars

Trolley with carrier arms on one side

Support arm trolleys with one-sided loading are equipped with 12 support arms with an effective length of 600 mm as standard. The support arms can be positioned steplessly by means of clamp fastening. This means that even curved material can be precisely adjusted to the pressure points.

Double-sided support arm trolley

The support arm trolleys with two-sided use are supplied in the standard version with 24 support arms (12 per side). The useful length of the support arms is 370 mm. The load capacity per shelf is 80 kg. Here, too, the support arms can be attached steplessly by means of clamp fastenings.

Support arms with PVC hose

Optionally, you can also find carrying arm trolleys with carrying arms covered with a PVC hose (3 mm thick). This protects sensitive loads and is also slip-resistant.

Carrying arm trolley accessories

As an option, we offer a roll-off protection for support arms. This can be used as a stop at the ends of the support arms and screwed in place.
A push handle can also be retrofitted as an option. This is screwed to the outer post of the trolley by means of clamps.
Additional wooden shelves for support arms can also be added to the support arm trolleys.