Transport Equipment

Diversity and functionality

Many fetra transport devices are available in a modular system. The system components are simply inserted and secured with bolts. This allows you to change, swop and add-on in many ways with the fetra MultiVario-System. Thanks to this fetra "Insert & Bolt Principle" with 2-point support, the stability matches that of any welded structure!

Dollies & light trolleys

The compact range of handy helpers for quick transport solutions on-site and on the go.
From dollies with gooseneck handles to storeroom trolleys all the way to collapsible carts.


The wide range of transport trolleys for any purpose imaginable.
From platform carts, box carts, table top carts, shelved trolleys to sheet material trolleys all the way to hand carts.


A range of trucks for every need. Suitable for any type of transport in-house and on the go.  
From parcel carts, tubular steel trucks, aluminium trucks and stairway trucks, trucks for appliances, drum transport trucks to steel bottle trolleys.

Pallet trucks

Your range for lifting, moving and storing.
From the classic fork pallet truck to lifting table carts, hand stackers all the way to moving gear with 24 tons load capacity.

Wheels and Castors

A selected range for virtually any scenario.
From TPE wheels to pneumatic tyre wheels all the way to swivel and fixed-wheel castors with 6 different wheel versions.