Galvanised storeroom trolleys

The galvanized storeroom trolleys by fetra convince with their flexibility, stability and maneuverability. They are designed according to the fetra insert bolt principle and can be changed, exchanged or supplemented in many ways. With the robust steel construction "Made in Germany", customer orders are processed quickly, faultless and smoothly even in booms.

The basis module of the galvanised storeroom trolley consists of two end walls made of galvanised,welded wire lattice. The bottom floor ist firmly screwed to the frame, all other shelves can be hung horizontally or inclined at intervals of 100 mm without any tool. Therefore transportation of larger boxes is no problem. Since the shelves are folded upwards on one long side and downwards on the other one they can optionally be hung up so that there is a practical rolling edge.

Multiple add-on options
According to the modular system, the basis module of the fetra storeroom trolley is changeable and expandable depending on the area of application and usage: It is possible to attach a back wall or to add steps that can be mounted on one end side, they can be easily folded up with a gas pressure cylinder. Ergonomic handles with skin-friendly grip protection provide a secure hold. A fifth wheel, as a guide roller attached to a spring-loaded section steel arm, ensures a drive on track with maximum maneuverability. All models of the storeroom trolleys have the fetra TPE-wheels as standard so even heavy goods can be moved quietly and easily. A practical writing board with paper clip which is mounted in the wire lattice at the end wall helps sorting different orders.