Table top carts

Here you will find our table top carts in three different versions of load capacity and with different surfaces. Table top carts are, as the name indicates, mobile work tables and workbenches.

Table top carts with wooden platforms
Whether with 2 or 3 levels, this is the standard table top cart. Equipped with wooden floors in beech decor or medium grey in the GREY EDITION. There are transport trolleys with a flush loading area to store heavy materials e.g. from a conveyor belt directly onto the trolley and there are table top carts with an edge. These protect small parts or boxes from falling

Table top carts with oil-tight tubs
Transport trolleys with oil-tight trays are especially suitable for processing and transporting liquids. Our model with a high tub is particularly suitable for processing or cleaning oily parts. The table trolley with grating is also equipped with a conical drain, which makes cleaning the tub easier. The handle design is possible horizontally and vertically.

Table top carts with sheet steel platforms
These table top carts are available with a flush welded steel sheet platform or with a 10 mm high edge. In contrast to a wooden platform, these loading areas are less sensitive to liquids and generally very robust.

Table top carts with boxes
Table top carts with boxes made of wooden panels have a rim of 45 mm in height and so they increase the protection that goods can slide down.

In addition to these table top carts listed as examples, there are of course other variants. For the catering or canteen area, the special trolleys also offer serving trolleys with removable tablets. There are office trolleys for files for authorities and administrations.
On request almost all of our trolleys can be powder-coated in other colors or manufactured in an electrically conductive ESD version.