fetra parcel carts - nothing is left behind

Parcel carts by fetra offer tailor-made and safe solutions for in-house transport. Thanks to their high stability combined with high-quality wheels they optimize the material flow. They present themselves as individual as never before and are optionally available with a practical double wing door with welded wire lattice. So the load stays where it belongs.

The parcel carts by fetra can be equipped with practical double wing doors.
Therefore the transport goods are better secured against falling out. Due to special hinges the doors can be folded till the end walls or rather the push handle. This makes easy loading and unloading of even large and bulky goods possible. The bolt lock integrated in the tubular frame is easy to use and can be additionally secured with a padlock. Connecting struts attached to the upper part of the cart ensure better stability.

The sophisticated modular system offers the customer a wide range of product variations. Hereby fetra products can easily be changed, exchanged and supplemented. Depending on the requirements, the new parcel trolleys can be ordered in a total height of 1,500 or 1,800 millimeters, and the spacious loading area is also available in the sizes 1,000 by 700 millimeters or 1,200 by 800 millimeters. So no load is too big for the powerful parcel carts by fetra.