Hand carts - bike trailer

Versatile, easy to move and flexibly retrofittable thanks to the modular system - so the various handcart models by fetra score points. They are used on construction sites as well as in garden centers, schools, at sports facilities or in industrial companies. The hand-held transport devices also have their advantages around the water: They are often used in ports, boat companies or sailing schools to quickly and conveniently transport nautical accessories from A to B.
The common versions of the fetra hand carts are equipped with pneumatic tires so that they can  also outdoors be moved by one person. Their range of uses is very wide: caretakers in large residential areas use them as well as gardeners or sport attendants to transport various goods quickly and conveniently back and fourth. These models are often referred to as handcarts and can also be used as bicycle trailers with our optional bicycle coupling. The robust steel construction is welded clean and, depending on the version, can handle loads of up to 500 kg.

From boat rental to construction site
The trolleys with removable plastic trough have proven their worth not only on construction sites: they are resistant to dirt and moisture and are easy to clean.The trough is available in two different sizes and can contain 90 liters or 200 liters. The handle of the trolley reliably protects against cold and slipping with a skin-friendly softgrip cover. This is also a proven advantage for boat rental companies, in sports harbors and sailing schools.  To ease the transport of paddles, ropes and life jackets, but also sailing clothing and repair kits, the fetra hand carts are ideal helpers. A supporting effect has the new coupling system for bicycles: Designed for the carts with 1-axle, drawbar and handle, this makes it more easier when moving smaller loads. The reflector strips supplied free of charge ensure safety on short traffic routes.

Hand truck / platform truck in a modular system
The transport of tools, smaller building waste, buckets or canisters is handled by  hand trucks with four fixed walls of waterproofed plywood. On the non-slip loading surface the cargo has a secure hold. Complete flexibility is offered by the hand carts in a modular system: The basic equipment can be modified or retrofitted with end walls or side walls. As a 2-axle cart, the fetra hand carts are equipped with a turntable steering. If the drawbar is in a vertical position, the brake is automatically activated and prevents the transport device from rolling away.