fetra Trucks for appliances

For the transportation of white goods, fetra offers a high-quality selection of trucks for appliances that are oriented to the requirements of craftsmen, fitters and specialist dealers. Thanks to the robust and durable construction, washing machines, refrigerators and ovens reach their destination safely. The cushing effect of the pneumatic rubber tyres protects the transported goods, as well as a felt covering or a wide rubber pad on the truck for appliances. For the first time in the program there is an inexpensive alternative to the manufacturer's proven classics: With a own weight of only 13 kilograms, the new cart is light and manoeuvrable. Simultaneously, it has a load capacity of 250 kilograms. The new fetra equipment cart for transporting white goods and light ovens is an ideal entry-level model. On the truck, the valuable furnishings reliably reach their fixed location in the household. The cushing and springy pneumatic rubber tyres protect the transported goods even on difficult surfaces. A felt covering prevents scratches and bumps on the material. The bucket size of 150 x 480 millimeters is also designed for larger household appliances. Optionally a carrier spar can be attached. Thereby even transportation via stairs is done in an ergonimic position.

For further uses such as the transport of heavy ovens, fetra has two other solutions with quality Made in Germany in its program for many years. These trucks for appliances withstand the highest loads and offer a load capacity of 350 kilograms. A wide rubber pad on the tubular steel construction protects the goods against damage. Like the new truck, an anti-slip covering on the shovel provides additional safety and protection. Depending on the task, the truck for appliances are available in two different heights: 1150 millimeters and 1425 millimeters. For the transport of e.g. boilers we recommend our model 11050.