Stairway trucks - for easy stair transport

The fetra Stairway trucks are available in aluminium or steel. The aluminium Stairway trucks are easier to handle due to their low tare weight.
Furthermore, the models differ in the design with a 3-wheel star and a combination of a 5-wheel star and pneumatic wheels. Stairway trucks with a 3-wheel star are designed for regular use on stairs. The distance between the wheels is greater and thus the star grips the steps "deeper". The models with 5-wheel star are more suitable for occasional stair transport. If the Stairway trucks with 3-wheel star are also to be used on level floors, we recommend our star lock as an accessory. With this, you can block the wheel star and thus make it easier to drive on one wheel at a time. Of course, all models are available with either a large or small bucket.


Which trolley is best suited for stairs?

Stairway trucks with a 3-wheel star are best suited for pure stair travel. The 3-wheel star usually has a larger wheel spacing and thus the star grips "deeper" into the steps. This means that Stairway trucks with a 3-wheel star run more smoothly on the stairs than those with a 5-wheel star.
The material versions steel and aluminium also differ in their own weight. This makes handling easier with aluminium Stairway trucks.