The sack truck for every purpose

The right design for every purpose. There are many designations for trolleys. This is partly also dependent on the respective region. Common terms are sack truck, hand truck or sack trolley. In this section you will find many different designs. Sack trucks stand at a slight angle to lean against a "sack" in the classic way.
The sack trucks are equipped with either pneumatic or solid rubber tyres. For certain areas of use, such as garden centres or cemeteries, you can select puncture-proof PU tyres in addition to the sack truck under the additional options. These offer at least a similar driving comfort as a pneumatic wheel and are at the same time robust against thorns, splinters, etc.

Another advantage of the fetra sack trucks is the replaceable bucket. Even afterwards, you can change to a large shovel instead of a small cart shovel. You can find a new cart shovel here in the spare parts section.