Lift truck / pallet truck

Pallet trucks are used in almost all companies and serve as a means of transport for Euro pallets or pallet cages. The various models differ in terms of tyres, load capacity or fork length. In addition, there are pallet trucks with integrated scales or with particularly low forks. For ergonomic working, there are scissor lift trucks with which you can bring the materials to a desired working height. Here it is important to consider whether you still want to move the trolleys under load or whether a stand-alone unit is sufficient.

When choosing the right pallet truck, it is often important to choose the right tyres for the respective surface. The following tyre characteristics should be considered:

Polyurethane (PU) - Low rolling resistance, elastic running. Good all-round tyres suitable for most floors. Good on sensitive floors, as non-marking = non-marking. Low driving noise.

Nylon: - Very low rolling resistance, high chemical resistance, non-marking. Good on smooth floors. Robust castors with long service life. However, due to the hardness of the castors, they are associated with higher driving noise.

Solid rubber: - Low rolling resistance, elastic running on slightly uneven surfaces. Advantageous for frequent journeys over edges and thresholds. Low driving noise.

Find the ideal pallet truck for you here with the right tyres, fork length and design.