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Quality and reliability

Decades-long experience

fetra is a family-managed company that is clearly committed to the production site Germany. With a good feeling for engineering and material, we develop innovative transport devices in modern design. Decades-long experience as well as professional and well trained employees build transport equipment which makes loads lighter. We offer a 10-year quality guarantee on almost every transportation device.

Perfect workmanship

fetra transport equipments are manufactured with highly efficient methods using the most advanced production facilities. Before they are powder-coated, all products undergo extensive pre-treatment by shot blasting. This environmentally friendly finish guarantees a long product lifecycle and permanent good looks.

Steck- und Schraubprinzip Grafik

Variety and functionality

Many fetra transport devices are available in a modular system. The system components are simply inserted and secured with bolts. This allows you to change, swop and add-on in many ways with the fetra MultiVario-System. Thanks to this fetra „Insert & Bolt Principle“ with 2-point support, the stability matches that of any welded structure!

Excellent service and fast delivery

Perfect logistics! Our large warehouse and a sophisticated logistics system ensure short response times and fast delivery even in times of high workload. We are only satisfied once you are happy!


Innovative way of thinking

Employing highly qualified staff and using state-of-the-art technology are the two major factors of success behind our production. With a flair for design and materials, our staff are constantly developing evermore innovative products ideas, which are then converted into first-class products using the latest production processes.

Flawless workmanship

Besides quality that you can see and feel, fetra's high-capacity production facilities also guarantee a high level of efficiency. Our machinery includes CNC-controlled tube bending machines, forming machines and automatic saws, state-of-the-art welding robots and automated production facilities. Our customers are then able to enjoy the benefits of our efficiency: top quality products at competitive prices.


Superb finish

An excellent finish also contributes to the high quality of fetra products: all metal parts are pretreated with shot peening and then finished with a solvent-free powder coating. This gives a completely lightfast and enduringly scratch-resistant surface.


Intelligent logistics

A faster delivery service puts the finishing touch on our service performance. We have a huge finished products warehouse and intelligent logistics system to ensure rapid availability of our products. Within Germany, we deliver free to the door.


fetra catalogue 2020

Now online the fetra catalogue. We are proud to present more than 1.000 products on 172 pages. Besides a number of proven transport equipment fetra presents many attractive innovations.

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