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  • The world of transportation equipment is a complex world: there are norms and safety standards, special materials and processes, specific product attributes and much, much more. We can provide you with answers to all your transportation equipment queries. 

  • EN 1757-3

    EN 1757-3 governs the safety requirements for pedestrian-propelled manual and semi-manual platform trucks, such as, for example, design and construction, propelling and steering, wheels and castors, stability, protection against crushing and shearing points and the construction of edges and angles.

    One of the main points is that platform trucks must be equipped with a parking brake.

    EN 1757-3 is enforced by the German Equipment Safety Act and is therefore mandatory for manual transportation devices in Germany.

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  • Modular system

    Most fetra transportation devices are available in modular form. The fetra Multi Vario system is immensely variable, with many substitution options and add-ons. The system parts are simply inserted into the base element and bolted in position. The patented fetra insert and bolt principle produces the same stability as would be achieved with a solid, welded construction method.

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  • Wheels with TPE tyres and ball bearing

    Very low starting, rolling and swivelling resistance. Low noise operation on level floors. Medium carrying capacity.Non-marking (trackless).

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  • Wheels with pneumatic tyres

    Smooth running on rough surfaces, limited carrying capacity. Particularly suitable for use outdoors.

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  • Wheels with blue-grey elastic tyres and ball bearing

    Easy, smooth running. High durabillity. Suitable for level and unlevel floors. High carrying capacity. Extremly low driving noise on all floors.

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  • Wheels with polyurethane tyres

    Very smooth and quiet running, resistant to many aggressive media. Non-marking (trackless). Good on sensitive floors. Low driving noise.

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  • Wheels with electrically condutive TPE tyres

    Very low starting, rolling and swivelling resistance. Low noise operation on level floors. Medium carrying capacity. Non-marking (trackless). Special wheels for prevention of static charge

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  • Polyamide wheels

    High carrying capacity, smoother running. Largely resistant to humidity, salt, acids and caustic solutions. Non-marking (trackless). Good on smooth and even surfaces. Harsh driving noise.

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  • 4 castors

    High manoeuvrability, easily steered in any direction, limited directional stability compared with 2 castors and 2 fixed wheels.

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  • Roller bearings

    Robust and durable wheel bearing. Impact-resistant. Low bearing friction. Permanent lubrication with long-life grease, under normal usage conditions maintenance-free. Well-proven bearing system for transport device castors.

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  • Groove ball bearings

    Highly robust precision wheel bearing. Impact-resistant. Very low bearing friction, permanent lubrication with long-life grease, mostly maintenance-free. Suitable for high load capacities and higher speeds.

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  • Bush bearing

    Simple and robust wheel bearing. Impact-resistant. Bushing made of polyamide. Corrosion-resistant, suitable for wet conditions. Under normal usage conditions maintenance-free. For devices with low speed and low usage intensity.

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fetra catalogue 2018

Now online the fetra catalogue. We are proud to present more than 1.000 products on 172 pages. Besides a number of proven transport equipment fetra presents many attractive innovations.

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