“Wuppi” aluminium compact hand truck

This powerful helper is a true all-rounder.

fetra presents the highlight of this year’s novelties: The “Wuppi” aluminium compact hand truck. As it consists of expertly crafted first-class aluminium and high-quality plastic parts, Wuppi weighs just 6.7 kg, making it perfect for deliveries on the go. With its whopping load-bearing capacity of 200 kg, it can handle real heavy-duty tasks.

Thanks to its very lightweight design and foldable blade, Wuppi is an extremely practical and versatile everyday helper. It offers a range of functions that make it an indispensable companion for a wide variety of transport tasks.

The ergonomically designed handlebars allow the user to adjust the handle position to suit individual body size and different handling situations. Thanks to the curved swing arms, transporting round or bulky goods is made much easier.
Another feature are the sturdy pneumatic wheels with ball bearings, which can be easily removed if required. Whether on uneven ground, outdoors or indoors – Wuppi can handle any task with ease.

A tie-down strap or support horns can be ordered as an option to stabilise the transported goods. The blade can be folded up very easily with just a kick and is therefore perfect for mobile use, such as with a delivery vehicle.
This makes Wuppi a compact, multifunctional transport asset.

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