Workshops like using transport equipment by fetra

Although many countries do not yet impose a legal obligation regarding the use of winter tyres, car owners should already start thinking about the seasonal tyre change. After all, the road traffic act requires a ‘set of tyres that is adequate for current weather conditions’ – and winter is not that far away. If you have your tyres stored at a workshop it may be a good idea to arrange for an appointment in good time. The actual is usually quick and smooth, since a large number of automotive workshops use tyre transport equipment by fetra both within the warehouse and for hauling them to the car lift and back. This makes work for the operators much easier and customers get the best possible service.

In countries with a temperate climate, tyres are usually changed in October and around the Easter holidays. However, this is only a rough guideline. All that matters is whether the selected tyres are fit for the prevalent weather conditions. If this is not the case, a driver risks getting a fine or an entry in the local traffic offenders’ register – if you are involved in an accident it might even result in a hefty increase in your motor car insurance. It is therefore advisable to book an appointment with your local workshop as early as possible, considering that these places typically experience their heaviest workload during the tyre-changing season. To ensure smooth operations in satisfying their customers’ needs, fetra products provide a vital contribution. Their tyre trucks are equipped with spreading carrier spars that are activated by opening and closing the hand grips, allowing for a quick and comfortable transport of tyres. As a result, customers benefit from quick turnaround times while operators avoid putting excessive strain on their backs. Additionally, the welded steel tubing design makes the transport devices very sturdy. Thanks to pre-treatment by shot blasting and subsequent powder-coating, their surface is extremely resistant to impact and scratches and can handle corrosive chemicals. All this means that fetra’s tyre transport devices enjoy a long lifetime in workshops despite the added challenges.


Tyre trolleys with built-in hardware skip

Recently, fetra has added practical TYRE TROLLEYS to its portfolio. They are useful both for smooth transporting and easy warehousing operations. The devices are designed for eight tyres or four complete wheels and are available in two different varieties. When you need to haul or store large wheels, such as those of SUVs, you should select the larger trolley variety. This version is equipped with solid rubber tyres that run better on uneven ground. What both models have in common is the practical hardware skip for storing small parts such as wheel nuts and valves. Last but not least, the TYRE TROLLEYS can be combined with the fetra tyre trucks, which is the cherry on the cake of the German manufacturer’s product range.

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