Versatility in euro box carts

More and more production facilities use fetra’s euro box carts to streamline their operations. The German transport equipment manufacturer covers an extensive range of models for various fields of applications, from industrial operations and workshops to hospitals, photo studios and government agencies. Now the company has added three new variants to its portfolio, offering even more flexibility in terms of size and design.

When it comes to transporting and storing euro boxes and open-fronted storage bins, fetra has the ultimate range with virtually unlimited options. The proven euro box carts ensure smooth material flow as operators no longer waste time searching for tools, assembly material and equipment. These are stored in the boxes providing a good overview and swift availability as the carts can easily be shifted from one workplace to another. Four swivel castors provide excellent manoeuvrability and make each euro box cart model a valuable helper in any operation. Due to their modular system design, the powder-coated devices provide maximum flexibility and can now be adapted even better to individual requirements thanks to the three new versions.


Strong partners in Transport

The open model is designed for two euro boxes on each of the five levels. The steel tube and sectional steel design is ideal for customers who already have their own containers. In operations involving frequent transportation of cardboard boxes, the euro box carts with wooden shelves are the perfect solution. Similar to the open version, the shelves can be mounted with screws at various levels in steps of 100 millimetres. Alternatively, they can also be installed with an inclination at a 15- or 30-degree angle. Here, the surrounding edge ensures that the goods will not slide out even if in tilted position. As a result, big cardboard boxes can be moved around effortlessly. Even if they are damaged, for example because the cardboard is soaked, they find good support on the material of the platforms and reach their destination safely. The wooden shelves also provide a practical storage surface for various tools and accessories. Furthermore, fetra has extended its range of euro box carts, which are now also available in a higher version. Ten containers (600 x 400 x 145 mm) provide generous storage space on five levels. As a complete solution, this euro box cart is particularly interesting for assembly operations: Employees can load the containers with all the components they need and cart them to their workplace. This prevents multiple trips and saves valuable time.


Ten year warranty

Today, fetra’s euro box carts have become an indispensable part of many factories. The product range includes an unparalleled variety of versions: From small euro box dollies to storage trolleys and assembly carts, users will find a solution for virtually any requirement. As with many of its products manufactured in Germany, fetra offers a ten-year quality guarantee on all its euro box cart models.

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