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  • 01/06/2019The right transport equipment for any sheetfetra_Plattenwagen

    fetra offers a wide range and maximum versatility
    Borgholzhausen. Plaster boards or glass panes are bulky and fragile goods. To transport them safely, fetra’s trolleys for sheet material are the perfect choice. The Borgholzhausen-based company offers the powder-coated tubular steel constructions in various designs, providing a uniquely versatile range for any application.

  • 01/05/2019Mobile tilting stands relieve spinal columnfetra_Materialständer

    fetra adds more models to its range
    Borgholzhausen. With immediate effect, the German transport equipment manufacturer fetra offers three new variants of their proven mobile tilting stands. The enhanced product in the standard colour blue is suitable for seated activities to relieve the spine. fetra has now expanded its range by two electrically conductive models that can be used in areas susceptible to ESD.

  • 01/04/2019Increased load capacityfetra Vollgummi Rad

    fetra adds new solid rubber wheel for trolleys to its portfolio
    Borgholzhausen. In order to optimise trolley handling, fetra has enhanced its transport equipment products with new solid rubber wheels. The innovative wheels are also an asset in terms of design.

  • 01/03/2019Great talks, positive feedbackfetra_LogiMAT_Nachbericht

    fetra looks back to excellent performance at LogiMAT
    Borgholzhausen. Warehousing, order picking, transporting – fetra Fechtel Transportgeräte GmbH has intelligent product solutions for all requirements in internal logistics. Presenting them at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany, the company received positive feedback from the large number of international trade visitors, just as in previous years. Many of them used the opportunity to experience new and proven products by the Borgholzhausen-based manufacturer in real time and to talk to the experts on site.

  • 01/02/2019pace-saving TYRE TROLLEYSfetra TYRE TROLLEY

    fetra complements its range for the automotive industry
    Borgholzhausen. fetra expands its range for the automotive industry with the TYRE TROLLEY product innovation. These clever tyre trolleys can serve both storage and transport purposes. They also serve as smart presentation aids in the showrooms of car dealerships to protect the floor from unsightly discolouration caused by the tyre rubber. Combined with fetra’s tyre trucks, the TYRE TROLLEYS also simplify in-house processes in workshops and car dealerships.

  • 01/01/2019Transport equipment manufacturer excels with novelties, proven products and quality “made in Germany”fetra Katalog 2019 EN

    The new fetra product catalogue has arrived!
    Borgholzhausen. fetra has launched its new product catalogue in preparation for the new year. Presented in a modern design, it features a large variety of both novel and proven products around logistics solutions for in-house material flow. The range has been extended with useful innovations and versatile accessories.

  • 01/12/2018Smart tyre trolleys save spaceLogiMAT 2019_Vorbericht_2

    fetra presents novelties and proven products at LogiMAT 2019
    Soon, the German city of Stuttgart will once again be the centre of attention for providers of intra-logistics products and process management from 19 to 21 February, with the transport equipment manufacturer fetra right in the middle. Its top innovation in 2019: the space-saving TYRE TROLLEYS that make changing and storing wheel sets easier. With these tyre trolleys, fetra has expanded its successful transport equipment portfolio for the automotive industry. Additionally, fetra has grown its range of euro box carts, available with open loading platform, wooden shelves or boxes. To round everything off, “warehouse and logistics” are a focal point at the trade fair booth: presenting its pallet dollies for tugger trains and storeroom trolleys in galvanised finish, the German manufacturer from Borgholzhausen shows its competence when it comes to economic in-house logistics. As usual, fetra’s booth is in hall 3, number D16.

  • 01/10/2018Corrugated rubber protects against slippingfetra_MultiVario_Oberflächen_Riefengummi

    fetra offers new surface options for MultiVario transporters
    Borgholzhausen. For the proven MultiVario transporter, fetra now offers another useful accessory option: fitting the loading area with corrugated rubber mats. Sensitive goods such as electronic devices, PCs, etc. can be gently moved from one place to another.

  • 01/09/2018Tested and found to be excellentfetra_SSV_Anwenderbericht

    German procurement systems provider SSV-Technik uses and sells fetra logistics solutions
    Wutha-Farnroda, 2018. In-house logistics solutions must be user-friendly and efficient, before anything else. Yet, when their styling even matches the corporate colour code, they meet virtually all criteria that modern industrial operations require. A good example for combining functionality and design in a contemporary manner is the German company SSV-Technik GmbH based in Wutha-Farnroda, Thuringia. Established in 1993, the successful systems provider has always specialised in future-oriented technologies. When it comes to intra-logistics transport solutions, shelved trolleys from fetra are the products of choice that SSV-Technik uses for their own in-house needs and sells to customers. Since fetra also started to manufacture them in anthracite grey as an alternative to the trademark blue, the equipment is now even better suited to meet the requirements of a modern working environment in addition to the technical specifications.

  • 01/08/2018Changing tyres without straining your back

    Ergonomic transport solutions from fetra
    In Germany, musculoskeletal disorders are the main cause of incapacity to work, accounting for average production losses of 10 billion Euros per year. This was revealed by a report of Germany’s Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. As primary cause for this development, the report identified harmful effects of improper physical workloads in daily work operations, for example when lifting and carrying heavy loads. In real life, this primarily affects employees in automotive workshops and dealerships. When tyres need to be swapped with the changing seasons, like now in October, service operators literally need to put their back into it. Markus Fissenewert, owner of the dealership Autohaus Hentze in Gütersloh, has found a solution to take some strain off his employees: tyre trucks from fetra. “Now there is no more heavy lifting of tyres, the employee can simply pick them up horizontally from the floor and cart them away”, he says. Autohaus Pietsch in Melle also uses the trucks and trolleys from fetra to protect their employees’ backs both in the warehouse and in workshop operations.

  • 01/07/2018Versatile euro box cartsEurokastenwagen

    fetra range offers huge variety for efficient, ergonomic working
    Borgholzhausen, 2018. Enabling in-house logistics processes to run as efficiently as possible while making daily operations easier for users – this is the principle pursued by fetra in all its product developments, with versatility being a key focus for the German transport equipment manufacturer. Their euro box carts are a good example: With an extensive range of models, fetra covers various fields of applications, from industrial operations and workshops to hospitals, photo studios and government agencies.

  • 01/06/2018Variable transport system for long goodsTragarmwagen

    Maximum versatilite provided by fetra's trolleys with carrier spars
    Borgholzhausen. When moving long goods, industrial manufacturing operations need flexible transport solutions. Here, fetra’s trolleys with continuously height-adjustable carrier spars prove to be strong partners. The variable system provides for smooth logistics processes and features a wide range of options for customising the trolley's configuration or adding extra equipment.

  • 01/04/2018With just the simple turn of a screwfetra Stahlrohrkarren

    fetra enhances the design of its tubular steel trucks
    Borgholzhausen. The German transport equipment manufacturer fetra has further improved the design of its proven tubular steel trucks: from now on the wheels are no longer attached with a cover cap but held in place by a screw. This means that they can be changed easily, saving users spare part costs and time.

  • 01/03/2018Doors for increased operational safetyfetra_Kommissionierwagen

    New accessories for fetra storeroom trolleys
    Borgholzhausen. With its new accessories for the proven storeroom trolleys, the German transport equipment manufacturer fetra provides added flexibility and safety. The swing and double wing doors ensure that goods cannot slide out while the trolley moves, protecting the user from possible injury. With a conventional padlock, the content of the trolleys can be protected from access by unauthorised persons. The doors are made of galvanised welded wire lattice and are available to suit any model.

  • 01/02/2018Transport equipment sporting a new colourGrey_Edition_2018

    fetra’s GREY EDITION introduces a contemporary anthracite grey
    Borgholzhausen. With its new GREY EDITION, fetra presents a perfect combination of functionality and good looks. The new range includes a great variety of the proven transport equipment in a contemporary anthracite grey as an alternative to the classic blue version, making those logistics solutions for in-house material flow a perfect match for working environments with a timeless design.

  • 01/01/2018The transport equipment in the Grey Edition is anthracite grey.LogiMAT

    LogiMAT 2018: fetra breaks new ground in terms of colour
    Borgholzhausen. Starting in 2018, fetra will also be offering a large number of its tried and tested transport equipment in trendy anthracite grey. With the fetra GREY EDITION, the logistics solutions for in-house material flow are perfectly incorporated into modern working environments. The German manufacturer from Borgholzhausen will be exhibiting its new product range at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart (13 to 15 March). In addition, fetra will once again bring along many other innovations to the trade fair, such as technically optimised tubular steel trucks, new accessories for the galvanised storeroom trolleys, etc. As usual, the exhibition stand is located in Hall 3, booth number D16.

  • 01/11/2017Strong values for a strong brandDie_Marke_fetra

    Strong values for a strong brand
    Borgholzhausen. Since its beginnings more than 50 years ago, fetra provides powerful arguments for its great brand image: Consistently high quality “Made in Germany”, a 10-year warranty on virtually all products, or its exceptionally extensive product range combined with strong innovative power, to name but a few. These benefits have long since been firmly anchored in the minds of the customers, who keep asking the specialised retailers specifically for the hand-operated transport devices: fetra’s shelved trolleys, pallet dollies, storeroom trolleys and more are the products of choice in many industries when it comes to achieving a smooth in-house material flow.

  • 01/10/2017The fetra MultiVario system offers maximum flexibility for in-house transport solutions MultiVario_Pressebericht_2

    Using the modular system
    Borgholzhausen. At fetra, high-quality transport equipment is inseparably linked to the demand for maximum flexibility. In order to meet these requirements, the manufacturer based in Borgholzhausen, Germany, offers a wide range of modular products with the Insert-and-Bolt Principle: Thanks to the MultiVario system, the design of shelved trolleys, open carts, table-top carts etc. can be modified or supplemented again and again for different areas of application. With the expansion of its range of accessories, fetra now unlocks even more possibilities.

  • 01/09/2017Mobilised material flow

    LUXETA relies on fetra for its in-house logistics
    Bad Wünnenberg. LUXETA puts products into their right perspective. The up-and-coming company from Bad Wünnenberg has been successfully active on the market for ten years, with the number of its employees having grown from six to 100 during this period. Production operations are also gearing up for growth. From the original idea to the finished lighting solution, processes are closely interlinked. LUXETA relies on storeroom trolleys from fetra for smooth processes when it comes to in-house logistics. The equipment ensures mobility, shortened distances and efficient work processes.

  • 01/06/2017Cover shut, bulk material protectedPI_Muldenkipper_Deckel

    New accessory for fetra dump trucks
    Borgholzhausen. In industrial manufacturing processes, fetra’s dump trucks now provide even more benefits: the hinged cover which opens on both sides protects the transported goods from exposure to external influences and ensures that the contents stay inside the container during transport. This practical accessory, which rounds off the fetra range, is available with immediate effect and can be retrofitted to all dump truck models.

  • 01/05/2017An easy way to move electronic components safelyTransportgeräte von fetra bieten ESD-Schutz im Betrieb

    fetra transport equipment provides ESD protection for manufacturing operations
    Borgholzhausen. With today’s increasing digitisation, electronic components are used in more and more products. Robotic vacuum cleaners, automotive on-board electronics and automated manufacturing lines are all equipped with sensitive technology. Here, manufacturers must exercise extreme care: they must take the necessary measures to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) of the sensitive components along the entire manufacturing chain. The transport equipment manufacturer fetra has developed customised solutions for this purpose and extended its range of ESD carts with numerous models.

  • 01/03/2017Multi-functional modular systemKommissionierwagen_Pressemitteilung_EN

    New fetra storeroom trolleys can be configured according to individual needs
    Borgholzhausen. The new fetra storeroom trolleys enable users to adapt their transport equipment to changed requirements in warehouse logistics. Whether scanner or bottle holder, clipboard, step ladder or back panel – the smart accessories for base trolleys provide ultimate flexibility.

  • 31/01/2017Lean production

    fetra presents innovations at the LogiMAT 2017
    Borgholzhausen. The transport equipment manufacturer fetra once again presents strong solutions for optimising intra-logistics processes at the LogiMAT 2017, where visitors can experience the benefits of the new storeroom trolleys that fetra is now offering as a modular system, giving users the opportunity to flexibly adapt the transport device to their needs. Furthermore, tugger trains continue to play a key role: using the low-level pallet dollies as tugger trains, operators can move up to five flat pallets and pallet cages simultaneously without needing a forklift truck. This ensures a streamlined material flow.

  • 21/09/2016Tyre trucks simplify tyre changes

    Workshop favours ergonomic fetra equipment
    Borgholzhausen/Gütersloh. When people bring in their cars for a seasonal tyre change, the employees in motor vehicle workshops and dealerships have a lot of physical work to do. Markus Fissenewert, owner of the car dealership ‘Autohaus Hentze’ in Gütersloh, Germany, has been using fetra tyre trucks for many years to make the work for his employees easier. “With those tyre trucks you no longer need to lift the heavy tyres; instead, they can be picked up from the ground in horizontal position and transported from A to B”, explains Fissenewert, pointing out the key benefit of the hand-operated transport devices. “The tyre trucks are highly ergonomic and extremely heavy duty, it's simply excellent quality”, he says.

  • 07/08/2016For easy handling

    fetra provides solutions for transporting small loads
    Borgholzhausen, August 2016. Versatility, easy handling and flexible upgrade options thanks to a modular system – these are the strengths of the various hand cart models by fetra. They are used at construction sites as well as in nurseries, schools, sports facilities or industrial operations. Even around the water, fetra's hand-pushed transport equipment products excel with their numerous benefits: they are popular at harbours, boat operations and sailing schools for quickly and easily moving nautical equipment from A to B.

  • 01/07/2016Part of the bigger picture

    fetra's convenient pallet dollies can be used as a flexible element in tugger trains
    Borgholzhausen, July 2016. For standard tugger train trailers, the specially designed fetra pallet dollies, also known as trolleys, are a highly suitable option. They are equipped with four swivel castors and can be integrated into conventional standard tugger train systems, allowing a direct transfer of goods between the tugger train and the place where they are needed. This is how the fetra trolleys create best conditions for efficient work flows in in-house logistics.

  • 01/05/2016A new look for transport equipment

    fetra dump trucks now also available in anthracite grey
    Borgholzhausen. Safe braking system, ergonomic handling, high-quality tyres: the technological features of fetra's dump trucks are user-friendly and provide maximum convenience. For use in machining operations, they now also provide an additional benefit: they are now available in anthracite grey as an additional standard colour in fetra's product range. By offering this added colour option, the transport equipment manufacturer from Borgholzhausen meets the latest design trend in new machine shop floors.

  • 01/03/2016A smart move

    fetra launches pallet dollies as a tugger train
    Borgholzhausen, March 2016. Less staff, reduced costs, faster work flows: tugger trains provide a lot of benefits for in-house logistics. They are being used by an increasing number of companies. In response to this market development, with pallet dollies as a tugger train, fetra offers its specialist trade partners the suitable equipment. With this system, the transport equipment manufacturer has developed an innovative solution that optimises the flow of material.

  • 19/07/2015Easy on the muscles with one click

    Self-locking push handle by fetra makes in-house transport easier
    The new fetra self-locking push handle is a smart ergonomic accessory for pallet dollies. This product innovation allows the user to move the proven transport equipment solutions by the German manufacturer from Borgholzhausen comfortably and without strain on the back – irrespective of whether it is empty or full.

  • 14/06/2015Smooth running and trackless operation

    fetra equips transport trolleys with TPE castors as standard
    Since the beginning of 2015, all fetra transport trolleys, which had previously been fitted with solid rubber tyres, are now standard-equipped with TPE castors (thermoplastic elastomer). This provides the customers with multiple benefits: they not only get high-quality castors that minimise the effort required for transporting heavy goods without having to pay extra, they also enjoy 100% consumer protection as fetra complies with the requirements of the EU Regulation 1272/2013 by having switched from solid rubber to TPE castors. This regulation defines more stringent limits for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in consumer products.

  • 23/04/2015One piece of transport equipment, numerous functions

    fetra presents storeroom trolleys with a modular design
    The new fetra storeroom trolleys provide flexibility, sturdiness and manoeuvrability. They are designed in a proven modular system featuring an insert and bolt principle, and can be modified, exchanged and extended in many ways. With the sturdy steel design "made in Germany", customer jobs are handled swiftly, faultlessly and smoothly even under high workload.


fetra catalogue 2018

Now online the fetra catalogue. We are proud to present more than 1.000 products on 172 pages. Besides a number of proven transport equipment fetra presents many attractive innovations.

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