Mobile tilting stands relieve spinal column

With immediate effect, the German transport equipment manufacturer fetra offers three new variants of their proven mobile tilting stands. The enhanced product in the standard colour blue is suitable for seated activities to relieve the spine. fetra has now expanded its range by two electrically conductive models that can be used in areas susceptible to ESD.

The musculoskeletal system is particularly stressed when working in a standing or sitting position, for example in assembly operations. Here, the fetra mobile tilting stands provide a remedy: their loading area is designed to accommodate a euro box or wire basket, enabling workers to conveniently pick screws, nuts, ESD parts and other components.


Flexible equipment for efficient workflow

The newly developed model for low working areas can be adjusted from 524 to 774 millimetres, making it a valuable addition to the existing range. The two new ESD variants are available with a level loading platform or with a tiltable platform that can be inclined at an angle of 15 or 30 degrees. Their height can be adjusted in increments of 25 millimetres.

In total, fetra offers five different mobile tilting stands and twelve different designs. The height can be adjusted either incrementally by hand or continuously by means of a hand thread or hydraulic pump. All units are equipped with four swivel castors and can therefore be turned on the spot. This results in practical benefits for the user in everyday work: The mobile tilting stands can be flexibly positioned at different locations, supporting an efficient workflow. Being adjustable in height and – depending on the model – featuring a tiltable loading platform, they also contribute to a healthy working environment.

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