NEW from fetra: Anti-infection product range

Due to the current situation, fetra has recently developed a small product range as an approach to the issue of infection prevention.
The range starts with our anti-infection frames, which are available as a mounting kit for many types of fetra transport equipment. The frame construction made of steel tubing is simply bolted together. This frame holds a transparent PVC sheet with a hemstitched seam at the top and bottom. This barrier provides employees with better protection against droplet infections, such as the corona virus. The frame construction can be mounted without specialist assistance using plastic clamps and can therefore also be retrofitted to existing fetra trolleys. The height can be adjusted to create a pass-through gap, for example for documents. The new fetra anti-infection frame is a versatile option for installing a protective barrier wherever it is needed.
There are four new disinfectant bottle holders made of sheet steel for standard Bode or Euro bottles with a volume of 500 ml or 1000 ml. Thanks to the various screw-on points on the back, on the sides and on the tubular strut featuring multiple attachment holes, the holders can be positioned anywhere on the transport device using a clamp.
All circular bottles with a diameter of 65 mm to 110 mm can be attached using the new bottle holder 1391. Such a spray bottle can be used to regularly disinfect the protective barrier and the table top. The required paper can also be dispensed directly on the transport trolley with a novel product: the paper roll holder.
The paper roll holder can also be mounted as an add-on kit and is simply fixed between the support tubes of the trolley using clamps. The new holder is suitable for paper rolls with a diameter of up to 210 mm and a width of 210 mm. A serrated edge makes it easier to tear off individual pieces of paper.
A special highlight are the receiving holes on the sides of the paper roll holder. These allow you to mount one disinfectant holder 1393 and a disinfectant bottle holder 1391 directly on the paper roll holder. This keeps the trolley compact and everything is immediately at hand within easy reach.
Finally, fetra also features the waste bin 1397, which is mounted by means of a clamp attachment. The waste bin is equipped with a PVC cover and a clamping ring with an opening diameter of 340 mm for 120 litre bags. This allows the operator to dispose of paper and other waste directly at the trolley, completing it as a comprehensive hygiene facility.

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