fetra adds more models to its range

With immediate effect, the German transport equipment manufacturer fetra offers three new variants of their proven mobile tilting stands. The enhanced product in the standard colour blue is suitable for seated activities to relieve the spine. fetra has now expanded its range by two electrically conductive models that can be used in areas susceptible to ESD.
Changing tyres without straining your back

In Germany, musculoskeletal disorders are the main cause of incapacity to work, accounting for average production losses of 10 billion Euros per year. This was revealed by a report of Germany’s Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. As primary cause for this development, the report identified harmful effects of improper physical workloads in daily work operations, for example when lifting and carrying heavy loads. In real life, this primarily affects employees in automotive workshops and dealerships. When tyres need to be swapped with the changing seasons, like now in October, service operators literally need to put their back into it. Markus Fissenewert, owner of the dealership Autohaus Hentze in Gütersloh, has found a solution to take some strain off his employees: tyre trucks from fetra. “Now there is no more heavy lifting of tyres, the employee can simply pick them up horizontally from the floor and cart them away”, he says. Autohaus Pietsch in Melle also uses the trucks and trolleys from fetra to protect their employees’ backs both in the warehouse and in workshop operations.