New accessories for storeroom trolleys

For efficient handling of orders in the warehouse, fetra’s galvanised storeroom trolleys offer maximum comfort. Now the German transport equipment manufacturer has added more practical components to its range of accessories, enabling users to enjoy even more flexibility.

When it comes to ensuring smooth in-house logistics processes, particularly in warehouses and production workshops, fetra’s galvanised storeroom trolleys have proven to be valuable helpers. Designed as a modular system, they can be modified in many ways thanks to the fetra Insert & Bolt Principle. This is particularly advantageous when work requirements change.

Notebook holder and document box
The accessories can simply be inserted in various positions, offering even more possibilities for optimising work processes. The document box made of galvanised sheet steel can be divided into up to three compartments using two insertable partitions. Order slips, catalogues etc. are stored safely in these compartments. The recessed access area makes it easy to insert or remove papers. Since more and more operations require the use of laptops, tablets or smartphones, fetra has new solutions for such applications. The notebook holder can be suspended from the front panel. Side and bottom slots in the sheet steel ensure safe ventilation of the electrical devices.

Holding device for tablets and handles for transverse movement

A similar device is available for tablets and smartphones, which are held securely thanks to eccentric clamps. To prevent the tablets or smartphones from slipping during motion, the holding devices come with coated self-adhesive strips that can easily be attached by the user. Another new feature: soft-grip handles for moving the trolleys sideways. These are screwed vertically to the outside of the front panel, allowing the trolleys to be loaded from the front and simplifying transverse movement through the aisles.

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