Material Surcharge

Dear fetra customer,

Having started the year 2022 full of confidence in anticipation of an abating corona pandemic, we now find ourselves in one of the most serious crises of the post-war period. The Ukraine conflict is causing incredible human suffering and putting enormous pressure on the global economy.

The increased energy costs affect the prices of almost all raw materials and services that are important for our products. Steel, wood-based materials, packaging and freights have become much more expensive, and we are also confronted with shortages of wood and steel products due to losses from the crisis regions.

In the hope of a quick end of the war in Ukraine, we tried to avoid price adjustments for our customer so far. Since our stocks, which were procured at halfway reasonable conditions, have been used up, we are now securing material available on the market at extremely high prices. The significantly increased freight and energy costs have been weighing heavily on us for weeks.

Against this background, we ask for your understanding that we have to increase our temporary surcharge from 3.0 % to 11.9 % of the order value as of April 15, 2022 until further notice. As usual, it is shown as a separate item on our sales receipts and is therefore easy to handle.

We regret having to confront you with this measure. We are well aware that this historically unique situation is asking a lot of you and thank you for your support so far. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


(The prices in the webshop are still the regular list prices and have to be charged with 11.9% surcharge).